Steak Board


A must for every home. These steak boards feature two chrome plated brass handles of your choice, an ample 3/4" juice groove, and their signature maple and mahogany design. They're perfect for impressing guests at the holidays or casual grilling.



L: 24" x 15" x 1.03"

M: 20" x 12.5" x 1.03"




How to order:

Board allows for two lines of text plus one icon (icons will always be centered above text). Please enter text EXACTLY how you want it to appear on board paying close attention to capital and lowercase letters. 



Please indicate that it is a MONOGRAM not initals. Monograms have the LAST NAME INITIAL as the MIDDLE letter and it is larger with left and right initals being centered on either side. You may also indicate that you would like a monogram and give us the complete name of the person/couple and we will choose the correct monogram format for you. 

Example: John Richard Smith

Monogram: JSR witht the "S" being larger than the "J" and "R"

Initial format would be "JRS" with all letters being the same size


Board Size
  • Care Instructions

    We recommend keeping your board coated liberally in Mineral oil, if you want to get fancy, melt some bees wax into the oil  and apply it to the board when dry and clean. Let it sit over night and wipe off the excess.  The bees wax will help keep the pores of the board sealed and give your  item a natural luster.  There is no science to when to care for your board, if it looks dry, give 'er a coat. You can also use a butcher block oil or item similar for wooden cutting board treatment – we don’t recommend vegetable or olive oils as they can go rancid.


    Wooden cutting boards should NEVER be put in the dishwasher. To clean your board, simply was its with light soaped water, and towel dry it promptly after washing.


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